Tune your pizza With just a few clicks!

Let us introduce the My pizza app to create own pizza in a restaurant.

How it works

With the MY PIZZA application, it is no longer necessary to search for your favorite combination in the pizzeria in an endless list of pizzas.

Thanks to it, the pizza in the mobile phone can be created in a few clicks and the chef immediately sees it on the screen.

And all this without customer registration and without the changes of ordering system or in the menu!

Try the application at first hand and tune your pizza! Just scan this QR-code with your mobile phone or click here.

QR code

App start up in a restaurant

No download, no installation. All you need is an internet connection; the app runs online on a web browser. To open the app in a restaurant you need to scan the QR-code from the flyer placed at each table. Each flyer has a unique QR-code, including the table number. The activation price includes max 20 flyers delivered after activation. Additional flyers will be charged extra. Read more

Tune your pizza with a few clicks!

The app offers the following settings: selecting pizza size, choosing gluten free dough, dividing a pizza in two different halves and offering more than 40 pizza toppings out of 7 categories to combine. The amount of each topping can be customised. At the end of the choosing process each pizza is named from a list of 500 Italian names. The customer can order their pizza with a staff member on a given day. Read more

The kitchen receives all information immediately

A tablet with internet connection is needed. The kitchen logs in on the account of www.mojapizza.sk. All orders and information can be found there. The person in charge can sort and filter the orders, as well as mark it as completed. The pizza toppings are displayed in logical order. This guarantees efficiency and no delay. The service staff has its own account. Two ways of collaboration between the kitchen and the service staff are available:

1. The kitchen sees the orders from the customers and gets information by default from the service staff

2. The service staff sees all pizzas from customers in their smartphones / computers and marks in app only pizzas in process by the kitchen

The order list is automatically deleted at 3 a.m.
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How to get our app for your restaurant?

Choose your type of subscription and contact us via our website or email. We send further information and a simple template to your email. You define all information about your pizzas, pizza toppings, prices and weight. You also choose all necessary app functions needed. After paying the activation fee we will send you the flyers with QR-codes and activate your account. The first month of the app use is free of charge. Read more

Advantages of the app

Advantages with the ‘My pizza’ app are:

  • Attractive ordering a pizza: Click 'njoy!
  • Unique marketing potencial!
  • Stop studying menus and wasting time searching for your favorite combination! Everybody has a favourite pizza and looks for it in a menu.
  • Increasing of revenue, due to additional side orders to customise the pizza.
  • Attracting young customers from all over the area, who will definitely stop out of curiosity!
  • No more notes, no errors, and no misunderstandings!
  • Possibility to create own pizza also for clients without mobile phones. A staff member can customize their pizza after their wishes.

And all this without customer registration and without the changes of ordering system or in the menu!


Just a computer or tablet or a mobile phone with internet connection to the kitchen and service staff. The customer needs a mobile phone with an Internet connection. No download or installation is required as My Pizza runs online through every web browser. Whether you have Android, Apple or MS Windows, the system works on everyone.

The customer scans the QR-code from the flyer placed on the table using mobile phone, opens the app and creates a favorite combination in it. The app generates a unique name for its pizza, which can then be ordered with the service staff under this name.If the customer forgets this name he can find it in the main menu under "My pizzas" or it can be found by the sevice staff using the table number and the time the pizza was submitted in the app.

In this case, the customer can choose the pizza classically from the menu. Our app does not replace the existing menu but only complements it with the possibility of further combinations! Alternativly the unique pizza according to the customer's wishes can be created in the app by the service staff using a business mobile phone.

No, the pizza name is generated randomly each time it is submitted in the app. The list of pizzas is deleted daily at 3:00 am. This means, that the customer has to tune the pizza each time he visits the restaurant and always gets a new name.

Working with QR code is already a standard today, e.g. for bank payments, web link retrieval, logistics, etc. Thanks to its advantages, it is increasingly being promoted in other sectors as well. That is why the general public already has experience with it. For customers who do not know it, the instructions on the back of the flyer or the staff can help.

They see the name of the pizza, the order number, the table number, the ordering time, the price, the size, whether it has different halves, whether it is gluten-free, and all the ingredients. Pizzas can be sorted according to various filters and moved from the list of new orders to the list of finished pizzas. All lists will be deleted at 3:00 at night, so it starts again in the morning.

All ingredients are logically arranged in the order the chef lays them on the pizza. This means that the preparation time is similar to the preparation of a "standard" pizza.

After you contact us, a link to the registration form will be sent to you by email, in which you can easily define all the ingredients used with their price and weight, the number of tables, the sizes of pizzas offered, etc.

If the prices in the menu have also been defined on the basis of the prices of individual ingredients, it is sufficient to use these values.

In the registration form, you choose a price coefficient for each size. For example, standard pizza = 1.0, small pizza = 0.75, large pizza = 1.3. This coefficient shall then multiply the price of each raw material.

After paying the activation fee, your restaurant will be registered in our system and your login details will be sent to you by email. Table flyers with specific QR codes for each table of your restaurant will also be sent to you per post. After receiving them, you can log in to your account and start fully using the application. The first month is free, the next period is activated depending on the subscription paid for.

he activation fee includes 20 flyers. If you need a larger number of flyers, simply enter the number in the registration form. Each additional flyer is charged 2 €, which will be added to the activation fee.

Of course. Just contact us and we will edit your account according to your new requirements.

At the moment, it is possible to pay the activation fee and subscription only by transfer to a bank account.

After paying the activation fee, the customer has the right to cancel the order in writing by email before any work on the order has been performed (eg preparation for printing the flyers). Cancellation of a subscription for a given period is governed by the applicable legislation on online purchases.

Price list for restaurants

Monthly subscription

Price: 19.90 € Now only 14.90 €

+ one-time activation fee: 49 € (includes activation and 20 flyers with QR-codes)

Half Yearly subscription

Price: 109.90 € Now only 79.90 €

+ one-time activation fee: 49 € (includes activation and 20 flyers with QR-codes)

Annual subscription

Price: 199.90 € Now only 149.90 €

+ one-time activation fee: 49 € (includes activation and 20 flyers with QR-codes)

Subscribe to the My pizza app for your restaurant today.

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